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Mark Everson


Mark Everson – Musical Extremist, flamenco guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, born in California, began his musical training with piano at age 10 and voice lessons at 13. At 14 he began studying the guitar first with folk music, then classical guitar and finally, a true passion of his: the flamenco guitar. Mark continued to expand his interest in musical instruments by taking up 5-string banjo, mandolin, fiddle, double-bass and pedal steel guitar. As a singer, he has a smooth, deep, baritone-bass quality (favoring that of Marty Robbins); his technique compliments his universal musical tastes and styles. Mark has played with many top named artists such as, Freddie Fender, Red Simpson, Jodi Miller, Johnny Rodriguez and Johnny Bush. In association with A & M Music, Mark and his wife Ann toured the country for years as guest performers in a wide variety of venues, pleasing audiences with the wide variety of music and instruments they brought to the stage.

In addition, Mark has played with countless road bands and has had several bands of his own as well. Some of the local places he has performed: Rice University, Alvin Opry, Brazos Bayou Bottom, Local Moose/Elk Lodges, Old Heidelberg, 528 Club, Rioja’s, Front Porch, Emporio Brazilian Café,  Shakespeare’s, Harbor Walk, Lakewood Yacht Club and many others too numerous to mention. His large repertory  of music encompasses an enormous variety of musical styles including: classic and modern favorites, spanish and flamenco, to progressive country and bluegrass. He also performs his original works in various styles. He performs music by some of the greatest such as Marty Robbins, Charlie Daniels, Jimmy Buffet, Tim Mcgraw, Roy Orbison, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, The Gypsy Kings, Dwight Yoakum and many more. Mark offers excellent instruction and mentoring in flamenco guitar, violin, viola, cello, fiddle and piano

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